Pregnancy & Baby's Firsts Stickers

Throughout your pregnancy, you'll be a very busy woman -- between doctor's appointments, shopping for you and baby, showers, etc. -- all on top of your normal day-to-day activities! Keep track of your pregnancy-related tasks with these colorful calendar stickers. CalenDots are a fun way to remind you of doctor's appointments, tests, shopping trips and more. They say pregnancy can make a woman forgetful. If so, these stickers will help you remember your to-do's! Then, a newborn in the home can keep you very busy! It's not always easy or convenient to record those important baby "firsts" in baby's album. With Baby's First CalenDots, you don't have to until you're ready. When baby reaches a milestone, place the appropriate CalenDot on your calendar to commemorate it. Then, when you have time to write in baby's book, you'll have all the dates easily at your fingertips! Plus, save your decorated calendar as a memento of baby's first year. Includes all the important events, such as baby's first steps, first foods, first haircut, first tooth and first holidays.  Set totals 154 stickers measuring .625".

Item #CD-002. $4.95.