Grab-N-Go Shopping List Pads

The more time you spend in the store looking for products, the more money you end up spending. Save time and money by organizing your shopping list with a Grab-N-Go list!

Estimates show that people buy 40% more than budgeted due to impulse purchases!  And, after 30 minutes, people tend to spend an extra 50 cents for each minute they're in the grocery store.  Save yourself time and money by using an organized Grab-N-Go List! Grab-N-Go lists organize your shopping list by department, so you can grab just what you need when you're in each aisle. You won't waste time running back and forth across the store looking for the items on your list or spend extra money for all the extra items you throw in your cart on those runs. 

Each pad measures 5.5" x 8" and contains 40 sheets.  Comes with magnet for hanging on refrigerator for easy list-making and taking.

Choose from Grab-N-Go Grocery Lists (Item #GG-501) or Grab-N-Go Superstore Lists (Item #GG-502).  $4.95 each.